Grocery Delivery

Why travel to multiple stores to get the best groceries when Real Eating can do all of the work and deliver them right to your door.


In order to live a healthy life it is impossible to buy all your groceries at one location.  All of that running around could take hours to complete and who has that kind of time nowadays?  You also have to know where to get good quality food, which can be challenging to know all of the small local businesses.

Real Eating eliminates all of this work. We have access to the healthiest produce on our farm and through our network of local businesses that we support.  Just send us a list of what you need and we will not compromise to bring you only the finest quality groceries.

Our price: $25.00 + grocery bill


Have time to do your grocery shopping but don’t know where the healthy food is? Then book a grocery tour and we will go together and will tell you all of our favourite spots and show you how to make healthy choices, save money, and much more!

Our price: $45.00

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